Tuition Planning Calculator
Choose which of two ways to calculate how much you can cut tuition costs by using Private College 529.

Either method will tell you how much you could save by prepaying tuition at today’s lower rates.
Tuition Planning Calculator
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Tuition Planning Calculator
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Any partial dollar amounts are rounded to the nearest whole amount.
Tuition Planning Calculator

Important Notes and Disclosures
  • The information contained in this report is made available to you for your independent use to assist you in college planning activities. We cannot and do not guarantee the information's accuracy or applicability to your circumstance.
  • The calculator is for hypothetical use only and depends on the information you provide. Results may vary with each use and over time.
  • The information presented in this calculator pertains to the Private College 529 Plan only; other 529 prepaid tuition plans are not considered.
  • Private College 529 Plan (the Plan) is established and maintained by Tuition Plan Consortium, LLC (TPC). Intuition College Savings Solutions, LLC (Intuition) is the Plan Administrator.
  • These results are estimates based on the initial contribution being received today with monthly payments beginning next month and continuing until the specified college enrollment year; the actual timing of payments will affect the actual tuition years purchased.
  • The projected value of prepaid tuition is based on contribution amounts, the college enrollment year and annual tuition inflation rate.
  • Projected costs are based on tuition and fees at selected sample schools, the college enrollment year and annual tuition inflation rate.
  • This information provided is for information purposes only and should not be relied on as tax or legal advice. TPC, Intuition and their respective subcontractors and affiliates do not provide financial, legal or tax advice.
  • Please discuss your particular situation with your own investment, tax or financial advisor.
  • The calculator assumes the Member College tuition rates in effect during the 7/1/2021-6/30/2022 enrollment period.
  • The results assume that the cost of tuition increases at the specified average annual tuition inflation rate throughout the period that begins now and continues through the tuition years reflected in this analysis; the actual tuition inflation rate will affect the actual tuition years purchased and the savings realized and the certificates you purchase may not be enough to cover tuition at a particular Member College.
  • Participation in the Plan does not guarantee admission to any college or university.
  • Tuition Certificates are neither insured nor guaranteed by the FDIC, TPC, any government agency, Intuition or their respective subcontractors and affiliates. However, Tuition Certificates are guaranteed by colleges and universities solely for tuition and mandatory fee credits.
  • Please read the Disclosure Statement and Enrollment Agreement carefully and consider your financial objectives and risks before purchasing a Tuition Certificate.
  • The Disclosure Statement and Enrollment Agreement and other information about the plan may be obtained by visiting or calling 1 (888) 718-7878.
Any partial dollar amounts are rounded to the nearest whole amount.